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Were you referred to me by someone? If so, by whom?  
Name of doctor / psychologist / friend / acquaintance who referred you.
Availability for therapy/coaching

Regular availability for psychotherapy/coaching is essential in order to maintain the quality of the service I provide. Please provide details here as to your availability. Please note that I work in 75 - 90 minute blocks. You can find information about costs here.

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Can you regularly reserve a fixed time for therapy/coaching?
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Days of the week on which you are available for therapy/coaching
I need to know this in order to be able to see if I have the capacity to accommodate you. Please note, the more flexible you are able to be, the more likely I will be able to offer you a place. 
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Please provide details of your shift working hours here
Please provide details here of any specific days/times you are (not) available for an initial consultation 

e.g. I am out of the country between 01.02.19 - 28.02.19;

I can do the 1st, 8th and 15th of February but not the 22nd. 

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Do you have regular absences that will affect your availability for therapy/coaching?

e.g. business trips abroad; private trips to your country of origin

I need to know this as we will need to consider the impact of this on the therapy/coaching process and how we best can deal with it, e.g. via Skype sessions when you are abroad. 

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